Before Survivorman, Les Stroud Made a Documentary about Building his Off The Grid Home

Still one of my favorite documentaries about building is a little known video by Les Stroud who chronicled his off the grid build in Canada. Stroud is the perfect example of a person who is into building a home like this, he’s independent, resourceful, and respectful to nature. It’s crazy to think that these things we now believe to be “out of the ordinary” were simply how most people lived for the vast majority of human history. Building a home was a necessity of having a family, my grandparents did it, yours probably as well. One of the biggest tragedies of the 20th century is that homes went from nests built for ones families and turned into commodities which were bought and sold and traded like stocks and bonds. It’s no wonder that our contemporary suburban landscapes resemble a McDonalds drive thru as opposed to a town square. People have stopped caring about the homes they live in, and have started to care only about the value of the home instead. When watching this documentary I can’t help but think of how much personal satisfaction must come from creating and building a home with your own hands, and how much more that house must be worth to the family which inhabits it.

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