My Grandfather in Law’s Amazing Home and Food Gardens

Jana has been spending a lot of time out at her Grandfather’s place an hour outside of Prague since she is now 7 months pregnant and needs the peace and quiet. I was amazed when I arrived there last week to find a multitude of berries and fruits bulging from tree branches overhead. The place is amazing. It sits on about 1700 square meters and on that patch of land sits Apricot Trees, About 4 or 5 different berry bushes, Potatoes, Herbs, Tomatoes, Beans, A huge Cherry tree, 4 other apple trees, a wood chopping hideaway, two homes (both built by my grandfather in law Jindra), 3 fireplaces, a grill, ponds with salamanders and fish, and I could keep going on and on. But the thing is these type of places are really very common here in Czech Republic. Under communism there was a desire to leave the city during the weekends and most czechs have some “chata” (cabin) where they still go on the weekends to do nothing but drink home made slivovice (plum brandy) and roast potatoes and sausages. In this case I am told that Jindra’s place used to be much more extensive and much of the vegetables he grew are gone (he’s 83 now, but still chops all the wood and tends to all the plants himself). I am just blown away because in the US there is all this talk about Homesteading and Permaculture, and these are things I’m really into, and they seem new to me. But at the same time they aren’t new concepts in any way. Having a barrel at the end of your gutter to collect rain to later water your vegetables with is really not that revolutionary of an idea. And Czechs don’t act as if composting or collecting rain water is anything new at all, they just never stopped doing it. Whereas in the states we need some giant pr campaign to convince people they can recycle their garbage. Anyway, I took a few videos while I was there and I was really inspired to see that what I want to do isn’t that crazy of an idea. Get a plot of land, build a home, have a garden isn’t something that is unreachable or impossible, it’s something that people have been doing for quite some time. At this point we are waiting through the summer and until after our little girl is born, and then we will sell the apartment, and buy a piece of land. We’ll have to move into a temporary apartment after we sell but hey, it will be crazy enough having our first child, we might as well just go completely mad in the next few years and really do what we want. And that is to build a home and have a big garden.

In this first video you see the story of the potatoes we dug up and roasted in the fire. I wanted the video to show how something as simple as a potato can have a story and also be super yummy (which it was)

Here’s the big Garden Tour video of the garden with very pregnant Jana and myself. Hi! 🙂

Garden Tour from King Vitaman on Vimeo.

And here’s some dubstep with some mushroom picking. The mushrooms we were collecting were called Boletus Badius and were easily identifiable. Also collected on Jindra’s property.

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