Time to sell

There’s always a lot of points in life that need to be decided upon with impulse decision making. If one keeps planning for the future and not actively working to make that future happen then we might as well just give up and accept that what we have now is all there is. I’ve been planning and thinking about executing the sale of our apartment for years now and finally today I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to buy some paint, paint the walls and prepare it for photos. Jana is due to give birth in two months and it’s obvious that now may not be the best time to add the huge stress of selling an apartment to all the changes that will be coming in the future months. I’m preparing that it is going to be a lot more stressful than I can imagine. However I feel as if we’re really serious about getting out of the city and creating our own home then we must start immediately working towards the first major hurdle in our way, and that’s selling our place. We bought it just about 4 years ago before we were married and now it’s time to move on and make the next step. The reason why I feel we need to get it on the market as soon as possible is the inevitability that we will need to rent somewhere no matter what while our home is being built, and obviously we can’t build a house without money, and we can’t get money without selling our apartment. I’m sure this is a conundrum that many have faced as they begin to ponder how they will get the money to get out of the city and build what they want. And what to do with all the stuff right? There has to be a place to keep all of your belongings as the new home is being built, and if you’ve sold your home in order to get money to build a home, then you’re going to need to rent a place to live! I figure I’m going to go crazy anyway, why not go crazy and end up with what we all want in the end anyway. The goal is to begin construction by next spring and be living there by summer. We’ll see how naive I am in my thinking as the months pass, until then, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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