Falling in love with a tiny house

I found this beautiful little house for sale nested in the woods around Hlásná Třebaň. The neighbor has some Turkeys and Ducks. And the cottage and surroundings are something out of a fairy tale. Big old Plum trees (which I wish I would’ve got more footage of) and a cute cabin nested down in a valley. The property slants down on both sides which inevitable means one thing. water. Also because of the slanted land this will also make gardening a bit more difficult. Not impossible by any means. I could imagine putting some terraces in, and raised beds on top of that, and the property does seem to get a good deal of sun (just not all throughout the day because of the large trees). It’s located within walking distance of a modern train which gets to the center of Prague in 30 minutes. Luckily for me my work is only about 15 minutes from the main train station so this makes this pretty optimal in terms of a commute time. But. But. But. And I’m thinking out loud here. I’ve got a gut feeling there’s something weird about this property if I could step foot on it. I’ll have to go back with the Realtor to check it out, and I’m imagining the inside of that house hasn’t seen an occupant in quite some time so it’s also probably not in the best shape (the listing doesn’t even have pictures inside the home). So, we’ll see. I’ll do some more research on the property and see what it’s all about. I think that sometimes I have to think more practically then just on impulse when it comes to buying though. There’s gotta be something really weird about this place. It’s way too cheap.

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