Building a Log Cabin in Alaska

I’ve been watching Jamie’s videos for years, and he most well well known for his giant robot building project. However I really like this series of videos he made when he was hired to build a log cabin in the Alskan wilderness. I believe that he embodies a very important concept many of us should remember when embarking on our own quests to build the home of our dreams. That it is much more important to do, and experiment above all else. We all have things holding us back, such as the fact that we are still waiting on a buyer for our apartment. And more practical things to consider, such as being close to work so I can still afford to feed my wife and child. But at the same time, when the opportunity comes, I hope to be able to have the same amount of freedom and experimentation as Jamie has in the woods of Vermont. In the words of Christopher Walken “If you want to build a house…build a house. Don’t tell anyone, just build a house”

Here’s Jamie’s series of videos of the cabin build project he did. Stick with them, they seem a bit slow at first but as a whole work out really nicely in showing the progression of a cabin build.

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