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Falling in love with a tiny house

I found this beautiful little house for sale nested in the woods around Hlásná Třebaň. The neighbor has some Turkeys and Ducks. And the cottage and surroundings are something out of a fairy tale. Big old Plum trees (which I wish I would’ve got more footage of) and a cute cabin nested down in a […]

Time to sell

There’s always a lot of points in life that need to be decided upon with impulse decision making. If one keeps planning for the future and not actively working to make that future happen then we might as well just give up and accept that what we have now is all there is. I’ve been […]

Blending Modernism with Hippy Shacks

So far I’ve seen a lot of great ideas from both those who are striving to build sustainable homes with recycled materials (Michael Reynolds and his earthships) as well as cutting edge eco materials used in homes that are reminiscent of early modernism. In the two photos below you can get a clear idea of […]

Container Homes in Czech Republic

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