First Earth Uncompromising Ecological Architecture (2010) – documentary online

First Earth is about a massive paradigm shift for shelter–building healthy houses in the old ways, out of the very earth itself, and living together like in the old days, by recreating villages. An audiovisual manifesto filmed over 4 years on 4 continents, it proposes that earthen homes are the healthiest housing in the world; […]

Intro To Permaculture

Great free series and a very basic intro as to what permaculture is all about. highlights the basic ideals of permaculture, peak oil, and both urban and suburban farming. This video is an overview of an 18 part Free Internet Webinar Series. This is how we begin our Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) Courses and our […]

The Agro Rebel

View this movie at Sepp Holzer, the Austrian farmer and forester practices “permaculture” a different kind of farming on his mountain property. With this certain form of organic-agriculture, he is very convincing and successfully. Contrary to all conventional rules and despite annual average temperatures of 4.5°C and an altitude of between 900m-1400m, he cultivates […]

Mortgage Free

Found this book about becoming Mortgage Free. Think I’ll order it, and see if it’s any good.